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SimRush Power 5G Omni

SimRush Power 5G Omni

An omnidirectional 5G enabled business broadband package that's designed to keep your business running at full capacity! Our latest solution offers a package for businesses of all shapes and sizes, so no matter what size enterprise you have, SimRush Power 5G Omni can provide you with an ultrafast broadband service.

The SimRush 5G Omni ODU is recommended in 5G-ready locations for home, business and enterprise users. It is used as either a stand-alone method of connectivity or as a superfast disaster recovery if a primary connection fails. This is ideal for high data transit environments such as offices, and larger premises such as hotels, either on a permanent or temporary basis.

And if your business needs an extra boost to cope with extreme traffic demands or technically complex environments, SimRush Power can be scaled up to ensure optimal performance. With PoE-out and PoE-in functionality on all eight ethernet ports, this router has its own built in network switch to enable you to power your devices from one single source! 

If you choose to include a static IP address with your hardware, the price includes a 30-day static IP address. We will contact you after your purchase to set up an ongoing subscription for your static IP address if you need it for more than 30 days.

What is a Static Public IP address?
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This SimRush model needs a licence. Select your licence below. Get 50% off the licence fee when you buy your data at the same time! The packages below get you a 30-day licence with data. We will contact you after your purchase to set up your recurring monthly data subscription.

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