What is it?

With SimRush Easy IP, getting a Fixed/Static Public IP address for your network has never been easier. Simply plug the innovative hardware device into any router. Its assigned Fixed/Static Public IP address works with any type of internet connection, making it the perfect solution for your network needs.

EASY TO SET UP - Getting a Fixed/Static Public IP address is a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of configuring complex network settings. No need for your own ISP infrastructure.

WORKS WITH ANY INTERNET CONNECTION - Whether you have 4G/5G, FTTx (SoGEA /FTTC / FTTP), Leased Line, satellite or Starlink, SimRush Easy IP has got you covered.

SAVE MONEY ON FIXED IP SIM CARDS - Enjoy all the benefits of a fixed IP address without the hefty price tag. Use any Mobile carrier and tariff.

QUALITY VOIP over 4G/5G - Circumvent CGNAT and ensure a consistent and high-quality communication experience

  • Supports VPNs and remote desktop applications.
  • Enables remote access to CCTV.
  • Ideal for surveillance, telemetry, database, email and web servers, gaming systems and more.

No complicated setup or configurations needed! Say goodbye to unreliable connections and hello to SimRush Easy IP! Order yours today and see for yourself!


Does it work out of the box?

Yes! The SimRush Easy IP Service will work straight out of the box.

Can I do Port Forwarding?

Yes, you can do any port forwarding required using our quick and easy configuration request form!

Does it work with Starlink?

Yes, It works seamlessly with any type of connection to the internet, from 4G/5G to FTTx, leased line, satellite, and Starlink.

What is the difference between SimRush Easy IP and a Fixed IP SIM Card?

With the Easy IP product you need to purchase a SimRush hardware device and connect that to your router. A fixed IP sim card can be used directly into your mobile router, but they become significantly more expensive with bigger data tariffs.

Need a fixed IP address with unlimited data?

Check out our hardware based static IP address solution.