What is aggregated data?

If you have multiple aggregated IoT sim contracts, the data allowances for each SIM will be aggregated to create a pool of data. For example, if you have two aggregated SIMs that have a 10GB data allowance each, the aggregated data pool is 20GB.

In contrast to aggregated SIMs, non-aggregated SIMs operate independently and do not contribute to a collective data pool. Each non-aggregated SIM card has its own specific data allowance that can only be utilized by the device in which the SIM card is installed.

For instance, if you possess a non-aggregated SIM card with a 10GB data allowance, the entirety of this allowance is reserved for the singular SIM and cannot be shared or combined with the data from another SIM. This individualistic data utilization approach characterizes the fundamental difference between aggregated and non-aggregated SIMs.