What network does Giffgaff use? Information and Giffgaff Mobile Review

What network does Giffgaff use? Information and Giffgaff Mobile Review

What Network does Giffgaff use? Giffgaff Review + Info

Giffgaff is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that operates in the United Kingdom. This means that Giffgaff does not have its own physical network infrastructure, but rather buys network services from another provider.

What are the other Mobile Virtual Network Operators in the UK?

In the UK, some popular MVNOs include Tesco Mobile, BT Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. Each of these companies offers their own unique plans and services using network infrastructure from larger carriers such as O2, EE, and Vodafone.

Which mobile network does Giffgaff use?

The Giffgaff network operates using the O2 network, which is owned by Telefónica. This means that if you are a Giffgaff SIM customer, you will have coverage and access to services in all the same places as O2 customers. However, keep in mind that Giffgaff may not always offer all of the same features or benefits as O2, it just retains the same network infrastructure, such as average download speeds and coverage but a different network operator.


How can I check Giffgaff coverage in my area?

Giffgaff provides a coverage checker tool on their website where you can enter your postcode or address to see the estimated coverage and network strength in your area as well as the nearest mast. Keep in mind that this is just an approximation and actual coverage may vary. A link to their network coverage checker is provided below.


Are there advantages of using a Mobile Virtual Network Operator like Giffgaff?

One advantage of using an MVNO like Giffgaff mobile is that they often offer more affordable plans and services compared to the larger carriers. This is because they do not have the same overhead costs as owning and maintaining their own mobile network infrastructure so can concentrate on providing good value for customers. Additionally, MVNOs like Giffgaff or Sky Mobile can often offer more flexibility in terms of good contracts and payment options than other networks.

Does Giffgaff have good customer service?

Giffgaff mobile prides itself on its strong community and customer service, coming in 1st place in OFCOM's survey of mobile network customer satisfaction. As a mainly online-based company, they offer support through their website and online forums where members can ask questions and receive help from a friendly community of fellow customers. They also have a dedicated customer service team that can be contacted through various channels such as phone, email, and social media. However, keep in mind that as an MVNO, Giffgaff has no physical store locations or in-person support options, all of their support can be found on the internet.

Can I use data roaming abroad with Giffgaff?

Yes, Giffgaff offers free international roaming services in over 40 countries, however these are almost completely limited to EU destinations. Any international data usage is mediated by Giffgaff's fair usage policy. This policy states that if you have an unlimited data plan, or any Giffgaff plan with data allowances of more than 5GB, your data usage may be limited at a lower level than your data allowance in the UK. Going over this limit, which for unlimited data plans is 5GB, will result in you incurring extra charges which at 10p/MB. This is both an extremely low limit and very expensive compared to most networks, so Giffgaff might not be the best SIM choice if you're a frequent traveller.

You will also be unable to use unlimited minutes and can't receive unlimited calls or while roaming internationally without incurring extra cost, even if you have paid for an unlimited plan in the UK.

Giffgaff Review

Overall, Giffgaff is a popular and highly rated MVNO in the UK. Its use of the O2 network provides great coverage and access to services, while its relative affordability and flexibility make it an attractive option for many customers. The offer a vast array of monthly plans at relatively low prices, as well as Pay as You Go and SIM only deals. They have also recently expanded their range of smartphones available for purchase. Previously they only stocked the newest models for people who want a big upgrade, but you can now buy a refurbished mobile phone from Giffgaff at a far cheaper price, which is a service few networks that are MVNO's offer.

However, some may find that there are severe limitations, what with international roaming being underwhelming and customer service being mainly online-based, (although it should be noted that customer satisfaction is the highest of all UK networks). Furthermore Giffgaff's deals when signing up for a SIM are quite underwhelming compared to most other mobile networks in the UK. You would expect far better incentives and benefits, Giffgaff does not offer any free memberships or perks, their deals are only related to your amount data.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly option with good coverage and a strong community, Giffgaff may be worth checking out, however depending on your wishes for a SIM card, like international travel, then there might be other networks which are better value for money.


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