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SimRush wAP One+ (weatherproof)

SimRush wAP One+ (weatherproof)

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Sold as an add on device to SimRush hardware packages to extend the WiFi around your business or home, particularly to outdoor areas.

The wAP One+ provides dual chain dual band WiFi for concurrent coverage which will solve most interference issues in a crowded environment. It also features a large RAM memory and a powerful quad core CPU to allow for efficient processing to improve the device's performance.

It can be fixed to any external wall from the inside of the case so that it is securely attached to its mounting location. It is also possible to run the Ethernet cable directly behind the unit, to inside the wall as there is a special opening on the back of the case.

This way, the unit doesn't attract attention and blends into any environment.
There are 2 Gigabit ethernet ports available with one having PoE output functionality to power another device. The wAP One+ can be pole, wall or ceiling mounted and looks unobtrusive and sleek in any business or home.

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