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Licence Only | Monthly Subscription

Licence Only | Monthly Subscription

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The SimRush Product Licence gives you remote support, diagnostics and firmware updates via our helpdesk. You also get access to “SPanel” the SimRush management portal.

The base Product Licence covers 10 units (1 x ODU, 1 x Controller, 8 x Accessories) and commences with your initial SimRush hardware purchase. All SimRush hardware bundles will consume the ODU and Controller licence units (inc. the SimRush Omni and SimRush Chateau 4G/5G).

The SimRush Product Licence has been designed to allow you to easily renew and scale your devices to fit your changing needs.

The Base Product Licence subscription can be monthly or annual and commences with the original purchase, additional units can be added and are co-termed with hardware already on the Licence. If the devices under Licence need to be changed, for example after upgrade, this can be easily achieved and ensures all your devices remain fully supported.

Automatic renewal reminders are sent to end users to help ensure the Licence does not lapse. Unlicensed hardware will be disconnected from the SimRush network. Your hardware will still work, but you won’t be able to access any of the SimRush features and your hardware will no longer be supported.

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