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SimRush Pro LR-18

SimRush Pro LR-18

Are you a business that needs to stay online no matter what? You can rely on the SimRush Pro LR-18 for your broadband needs. Our powerful business broadband is designed for medium to large businesses with strenuous traffic requirements and complex technical setups.

Have trouble getting 4G coverage in your location? Many rural areas have weak 4G coverage, making communication difficult when you need it most. With the SimRush Pro LR-18, you don't have to worry about a slow broadband service — the high gain antenna and upgraded high speed Category 18 modem enables businesses to achieve excellent speeds even in the most remote areas.

For a robust primary connectivity or as superfast failover, the SimRush Pro LR-18 is the perfect choice for businesses big and small. Plus, no more worrying about connection strength or signal issues — our long range capabilities allow nonstop productivity in very rural locations!

If you choose to include a static IP address with your hardware, the price includes a 30-day static IP address. We will contact you after your purchase to set up an ongoing subscription for your static IP address if you need it for more than 30 days.

What is a Static Public IP address?
Static IP address
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This SimRush model needs a licence. Select your licence below. Get 50% off the licence fee when you buy your data at the same time! The packages below get you a 30-day licence with data. We will contact you after your purchase to set up your recurring monthly data subscription.

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