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SimRush H1 Home Network Switch

SimRush H1 Home Network Switch

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Sold as an add on device to SimRush hardware packages to power other devices via PoE. It is pre-programmed to integrate with existing SimRush systems out of the box.

The H1 Switch provides eight shielded gigabit ethernet ports for locations where you need to the ability to power multiple PoE devices. The switch also has a USB 2.0 port and an SFP cage for adding long distance optical fibre connectivity.

Whilst it is our smallest switch, the H1 does come with a very powerful 800MHz CPU so it is still capable of handling high-speed requirements. It's an ideal choice if you only have a few devices to power and you want less power adapters and cables to worry about. It can be desktop or wall mounted for discrete installation.

Max current is 1A per port if input voltage is 12-30V.

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