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SimRush AC3 5G

SimRush AC3 5G

Are you ready to experience the future of home broadband that you can trust? The SimRush AC3 5G makes it easy for small to medium sized homes and businesses to get their hands on affordable 5G connections – perfect for any premises in 5G coverage or in areas with heavy 4G congestion.

With this cutting-edge technology at your disposal, you'll enjoy ultrafast internet speeds like never before. So don't wait any longer – get rapid, reliable online performance and stay one step ahead of the competition with SimRush AC3 5G!

If you choose to include a static IP address with your hardware, the price includes a 30-day static IP address. We will contact you after your purchase to set up an ongoing subscription for your static IP address if you need it for more than 30 days.

What is a Static Public IP address?
Static IP address
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This SimRush model needs a licence. Select your licence below. Get 50% off the licence fee when you buy your data at the same time! The packages below get you a 30-day licence with data. We will contact you after your purchase to set up your recurring monthly data subscription.

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