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Unlimited Data SIM EE - Data Only | SIM Extension

Unlimited Data SIM EE - Data Only | SIM Extension

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Already got a pre-paid EE mobile SIM card with us and looking to keep it longer? We've got your covered with our EE Unlimited data SIM Extension. 

  • Keep the SIM card you've already got from us and extend the term of your EE plan! 
  • Useable with all devices including: 4G or 5G broadband devices, mobile broadband routers, mobile phones, iPads, CCTV, alarm systems, tablets and all other SIM compatible devices.
  • Data only SIM with Unlimited data allowance.
  • No Stress! Preloaded for use for as long as you choose to extend for (not Pay As You Go).
  • No Hidden Charges & No Contract.
  • Get the Fastest Speeds on The UK's best network.*
  • 4G/5G capable.
  • No credit check required.
  • Does not include EU roaming and cannot be used in the Republic of Ireland.

SIM Extensions can be purchased from a minimum term of 30 days up to 12 months.

No new monthly SIMs required, we'll extend the one you currently have!

This product is for existing Freeclix and EE customers.

*EE has the highest UK Rootscore and most Rootmetrics awards compared to all UK national mobile networks. 

Are there any limitations or restrictions with this unlimited data SIM EE?

This SIM is for personal use, and is subject to EE's fair use policy. EE's unlimited data SIM may have speed restrictions after a certain data threshold is reached. Currently, the fair use amount is capped at 600GB per month. EE's Fair Use Policy applies, where heavy data usage activities may be monitored. Using the SIM for prohibited activities like commercial use or tethering without permission will result in limitations on your mobile traffic as per the EE Fair Use policy.


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