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EE Business SIM £11pm 10GB - Data only - 12 month

EE Business SIM £11pm 10GB - Data only - 12 month

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EE Business Data Only SIM 12 Months: Best Deal at £11pm

Data only SIM 12 months

Package Offer

  • £11.00 per month – 10GB Data
  • 12 month contract tenure – 30 days’ notice required to cancel after initial term
  • £2.50 one off fee for SIM Card
  • Billed directly by EE
  • 10GB uncapped speed UK 4G & 5G Data.
  • Available as Physical SIM or E-SIM. Physical SIM is suitable for Standard, Micro, Nano sizes, no need for a SIM card adapter.
  • All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

Eligibility for this tariff:

You must be one of the following to have this tariff:

  • Limited Company
  • PLC / Large Partnership
  • Small Partnership
  • Registered Not for profit/ Charity
  • Sole Trader

Getting connected

  • Credit checks are applicable and will require application form & business proofs to be provided.
  • An E-sign contract will be sent to you for the tariff.
  • Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh.
  • Opens in a new window.

The EE Business SIM £11pm 10GB - Data only - 12 month plan offers 10GB data for 12 months, making it a great option for businesses in need of reliable and fast internet connectivity. 10 GB of 5G data included per month. Includes EU roaming.

Additional information: This EE Business SIM offers unbeatable bulk price savings and comes with online support available 24/7. It is a data-only contract solution that connects your M2M device to the EE UK mobile network and offers a standard price for data and text.

A data-only SIM card offers exclusive data services for IoT devices, enabling seamless connectivity and communication. These SIM cards are specifically designed for machine-to-machine data operations and provide secure and reliable cellular connectivity. With a 12-month plan, users can enjoy uninterrupted data services for an extended period, making it convenient for long-term IoT projects and applications that require continuous connectivity.

Take advantage of our great SIM offers from EE, one of the UKs leading network providers. 

Who uses data-only SIM cards for their internet at home?

Individuals who need a separate data connection for their home devices, like tablets, routers, or smart home systems, often use data-only SIM cards. They are convenient for those who want to avoid using their mobile data for home internet and require a more stable and dedicated data connection.