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EE Business Data Only SIM - 10GB - 24 month - £10pm

EE Business Data Only SIM - 10GB - 24 month - £10pm

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Take advantage of our great EE Business SIM Only offers from the UKs best network.

Package Offer

  • £10.00 per month.
  • EE Data Only SIM -10GB monthly data allowance included.
  • 24 month contract tenure – 30 days’ notice required to cancel after initial term.
  • £2.50 one off fee for SIM Card.
  • Billed directly by EE.
  • 10GB uncapped speed UK 5G&4G Data.
  • Available as Physical SIM or E-SIM. Physical SIM is suitable for Standard, Micro, Nano sizes, which is compatible with all the best commercially available smartphones.
  • All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

Eligibility for this tariff:

You must be one of the following to have this business plan tariff:

  • Limited Company
  • PLC / Large Partnership
  • Small Partnership
  • Registered Not for profit/ Charity
  • Sole Trader

Getting connected

  • Credit checks are applicable and will require application form & business proofs to be provided.
  • An E-sign contract of the plan terms will be sent to the main account holder for the tariff.
  • Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh.
  • Opens in a new window.

How reliable is the network coverage for EE data SIM cards?

EE data SIM cards offer reliable network coverage across the UK, thanks to EE's extensive infrastructure and investment in the latest technologies. This ensures a consistent and fast data connection, making it a dependable choice for businesses requiring data connectivity on the go. EE has multiple the highest UK Rootscore of all national mobile networks and has multiple Rootmetrics awards for their coverage. This SIM includes roaming in the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the rest of the European Union.

Fair Use Policy

This SIM is for personal use, and is subject to EE's fair use policy. Your EE plan SIM may have speed restrictions after a certain data threshold is reached. Your soeed may be temporarily restricted in high traffic, busy periods. Currently, the fair use monthly allowances are capped at 600GB per month. EE's Fair Use Policy applies, where heavy data usage activities may be monitored. Using the SIM for prohibited activities like commercial use or tethering without permission will result in limitations on your mobile traffic as per the EE Fair Use policy.


This plan does not include bundles or third party subscriptions such as TNT sports, Xbox Game Pass or an Office 365 Microsoft account.