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2GB Multinet Data Only IoT SIM card

2GB Multinet Data Only IoT SIM card

Looking for an IoT SIM card for easy device connectivity? We've got you covered.

Data: 2GB Data Included.
Coverage: Our IoT SIM cards operate using the UK's four major network carriers: EE, THREE, O2, and Vodafone, guaranteeing wide coverage.
Un-steered: This multinet SIM connects to the best available 4G network among the four major carriers at the time of connection.
Use-case: Perfect for any sensor, tracker, smart meter, payment system or other IoT device needing SIM connectivity.
Term: Rolling 30 days. No contract or long-term commitment required. Cancel your IoT SIM with just thirty-days’ notice.

Aggregated Data
What is aggregated data?
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Do you sell other Multinet SIMs with more data?

We sell a range of Multinet data plans, all with competitive pricing. Check out our IoT category page or the featured products below for more Multinet SIM options.

What are the Terms and Conditions for this SIM?

Returns are not possible after the product has been activated.

Cannot be used outside the United Kingdom.

Not to be used in any equipment which enables the sending of bulk SMS, voice or data services for commercial purposes.

Any breach of the terms and conditions will result in the SIM being blocked and you will not be able to continue to use the SIM. Once blocked this SIM cannot be unblocked.

This SIM requires 30 days' notice to cancel.

Is there a credit check for this SIM?

No credit check is required to purchase this IoT SIM plan.

Is there a contract for this SIM?

No, there is no contract for this SIM. It is a 30-day rolling plan. This means you will pay a monthly payment until you cancel your subscription. 30 days' notice is required to cancel this SIM.

Are the IoT SIMs 5G capable?

Currently, all of our IoT and fixed IP SIM cards are only 4G capable. As soon as 5G IoT cards become available we will add them to our store. Please contact us at if you want to be alerted when this happens.

What does multinet mean?

An unsteered multinet SIM connects to the best available 4G network available at the time of connection. Our IoT SIMs are all multinet and can operate on EE, O2, Three and Vodafone.

What does IoT mean?

IoT stands for Internet of Things, which refers to the interconnectivity between devices through the internet. This allows devices to collect and share data in real-time, enabling them to communicate and work together seamlessly. IoT has a wide range of applications, from smart homes and cities to industrial automation and healthcare.

What is aggregated data?

If you have multiple aggregated IoT sim contracts, the data allowances for each SIM will be aggregated to create a pool of data. For example, if you have two aggregated SIMs that have a 10GB data allowance each, the aggregated data pool is 20GB.

How do I set up my pay monthly subscription?

When you checkout this SIM card, you will be directed to securely set up your monthly subscription. You will enter in the card details for the card you want the payment to be charged to each month.

Does the SIM carry on working for as long as the monthly fee is paid?

Yes it does. There is no need to get a new SIM card every month, your SIM will remain active for as long as you subscribe to the monthly payments.

Can you supply a VAT invoice?

Yes, we can supply a VAT invoice if required upon request.

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