SimRush Deposit

You can purchase the full range of SimRush Products from our store.

Before you make your purchase please consider the following and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need advice.

  • SimRush can only be installed by an accredited installer and is chargeable. Self-install is not available. Contact us for  more details prior to making your purchase.
  • SimRush requires an initial product licence of 24 months which is renewable annually. FreeClix offers a FREE product licence when SimRush is purchased in conjunction with an EE data sim from us or one of our approved partners.
  • Please note we only supply EE data sims on EE small business tariffs. This means we can only supply them to either limited companies, partnerships or sole traders. However If you don’t have a limited company or are not in a partnership we can supply in an individual’s name with two identify proofs if they will sign a simple form certifying they are a sole trader.
  • When you have made your purchase you will receive confirmation by email that we have received your order. If you requires a data sim you will need to complete the information required to make your EE data sim application Unfortunately we cannot progress your order until that information has been received.
  • If, after 72 hours of making your order you have not sent us the required information we will refund any money you have paid. You will need to reorder if you still wish to make the purchase.