SimRush Chateau 5G Router with 12 Month Product Licence

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SimRush Chateau 5G is a cutting-edge router that combines 4G and 5G technology to deliver superfast broadband in low signal areas. With its dual chain dual band 2.4/5Ghz configuration, this router is perfect for homes and businesses that want to stay connected no matter what. Price includes 12 month Product Licence.

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Introducing the SimRush Chateau 5G. Includes Annual Product Licence. The SimRush Chateau 5G is the ultimate 4G/5G cloud-based, managed router for delivering superfast broadband in both strong & weak signal areas. The SimRush Chateau 5G is perfect for homes or businesses that want to get the most out of their broadband connection: this powerful device is Dual-chain & Dual-band (2.4/5Ghz) for maximum performance, and its powerful CAT20 Modem supports both 5G & 4G networks, with an automatic failover to 4G LTE if needed. The Dual concurrent Wi-Fi also offers the ability to switch between the two frequencies, meaning you can avoid traffic congestion on the network, and it will auto-reboot itself if it loses disconnection to the carrier network, ensuring minimal downtime.

Includes Cloud-based Router Management as standard. This means that you have web-based access to control your router and network from wherever you are, with no need to be on the same network. It also supports additional SimRush Access Points. The compact, sleek design is ideal for any modern office or home setting, and its portability makes it suitable for temporary connectivity, such as Construction sites, Event Wi-Fi, or temporary office spaces, while also supporting the capability for Guest Wi-Fi at your premises. This router is also preconfigured out of the box, meaning the only installation process is plugging it in the socket. This means that there is no requirement for network infrastructure changes, saving you time and money. The Chateau 5G is also effective as a pre-Ethernet solution, enabling you to continue having a quick, stable broadband connection before your Ethernet line is connected.

This package includes a SimRush Product Licence which gives you access to helpdesk support, remote diagnostics, firmware updates and access to SPanel, the SimRush management portal. Product licence renewable after 12 months.

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