Why should my business have a 4G failover router

Why should my business have a 4G failover router

Ever thought about getting a failover broadband service for your business? We're here to convince you to go for it.

Whether it's a power outage, a storm or a technical fault, unexpected events will impact your business at some point. It's unavoidable. When that happens, you need to be able to keep your business running. A backup 4G LTE router will do just that. It will automatically switch over to your mobile data connection when your primary network fails, so you can keep working as if nothing happened. So, here's why a failover 4G router is the best failover solution for your business.

But first, let's make sure we're all on the same page...

What is failover?

Failover is a computer term used to describe the switch from one system to another when the first system fails. The failover system is usually kept in standby mode so that it can take over quickly when the primary system fails.

What is Internet Failover?

Internet failover is a type of failover that occurs when the primary internet connection goes down. The failover system then switches to the secondary internet connection, which is usually a different type of broadband service to the primary.

Internet failover is important for businesses because it ensures that there is always an internet connection available, even if the primary connection goes down.

What is a failover 4G router?

A 4G backup router is a piece of networking equipment that provides backup internet connectivity in the event of a primary network failure. It typically utilises a 4G cellular data connection as the backup means of connectivity.

Failover 4G LTE routers are often used in mission-critical applications where an uninterrupted internet connection is required, such as for VoIP phones or security cameras. They can also be used in less critical situations, such as for home internet users who want to maintain a backup connection in case their primary ISP goes down.

How does a failover 4G router work

A 4G backup router works by automatically switching over to the 4G LTE data connection when the primary internet connection is lost. They key is that it is done automatically without manual intervention.

If their is an outage, you don't need to worry about a thing. The failover will ensure your business stays online by automatically kicking in when you need it. At all other times it will sit there as a dormant broadband service ready to spring into action when it's called upon.

So, why does your business need one...

In the past, businesses have had to rely on expensive and often unreliable ADSL or satellite broadband connections to stay connected in times of crisis. A 4G failover router provides a much more cost-effective solution. Don't wait until there's an emergency to buy one. With a 4G backup router, everyone can stay connected no matter what happens.

The benefits of having a failover 4G broadband connection for your business

  • Automatic failover - the router will automatically switch over to your 4G backup connection, keeping your business connected and running. This is a critical benefit for businesses that rely on the internet for day-to-day operations.
  • No disruption for your business - a huge advantage for businesses that cannot afford to have any damaging downtime. You can remain productive even during an outage!
  • Up to date business continuity plan - A 4G failover router for your business can mean the difference between continuing operations during an outage and total disaster. Your plan is already written for you with a 4G failover broadband connection because it automatically kicks in when you need it.
  • Protect your critical data - Does your security system rely on the internet? Avoid security risks by keeping your business connected at all times.
  • Never worry about losing business again due to an unexpected broadband outage - Rest easier at night knowing your business is always prepared for the unexpected.
  • Perfect for businesses that have remote workers or multiple offices in different locations.

How to choose the right 4G backup router for your business

We've established that 4G failover routers are essential for businesses. But how do you choose the right one for your needs? Here are some tips on what you should consider.

  1. Do you need a backup router that supports dual SIM cards? This enables you to have two different networks as failover. This covers you in the unlikely event that when your primary connection goes down there is also a carrier (O2, EE or Vodafone) 4G network outage.
  2. Do you need a router with an integrated modem (for a simpler setup) or with an external modem for better signal?
  3. You'll also need to choose a router that is compatible with the 4G network in your area. You can carry out coverage checks to see who has the best coverage in your area.
  4. Do you need a static IP address? Choose a router that will enable you to get a fixed IP address so you can remotely access your devices such as CCTV, servers etc.
  5. Do you need built in WiFi or do you already have a WiFi network that can simply be plugged into the backup router if needed?
  6. Is the hardware business grade and capable of coping with your amount of users and devices?

SimRush as a 4G failover router

If you need a business grade 4G router for internet failover then why not consider SimRush broadband? You can buy it right here on our webstore because FreeClix are the Master Distributor of SimRush in the UK.

There are SimRush models with integrated or external antennas so you can choose what's best for your business. SimRush routers are compatible with all the main UK SIM carriers networks.

The main bonus is the add on static IP service that provides you with a carrier independent fixed IP address which is assigned directly to the hardware. This broadband service is a much more cost effective option than a fixed IP SIM card, which are well known for having very expensive monthly fees and restricted data caps.

Take a look at our collection of SimRush 4G broadband routers below.

Find the solution for you

A 4G backup router is a critical piece of hardware for any business that relies on the internet. It's essential to have one in case of an unexpected outage, and choosing the right one can be confusing. If you're looking for business grade 4G failover, then SimRush offers a variety of routers that are compatible with all major UK networks and offer a static IP address add-on service.


What's the difference between a wired and wireless failover router?

A wired Failover Router will have a physical cable connection to a device and a wireless failover router will allow you to connect a device wirelessly through the WiFi.

SimRush offer routers with and without built in WiFi so you can choose which service suits you the most.

How can I tell if I need a failover router?

A failover router is a piece of hardware that provides an alternate connection to the internet in the event that your primary connection goes down. This is essential for businesses that rely on the internet for critical operations.

For example:




Petrol stations






Train Stations

Can I use my current router as a backup router?

It depends on the broadband router. Some routers can be used as a failover router, while others cannot.

If you're looking for a failover router and already have a router, you'll need to check to see if it's compatible with the 4G network in your area and if it has the necessary features to act as a failover router. If it doesn't, you might want to consider purchasing a SimRush 4G broadband router as they can be configured to act as a failover when connected to an auxiliary broadband connection. The default setting is to load balance.

Is there a difference in price between wired and wireless failover routers?

Yes, there is a difference in price between wired and wireless backup routers. Wireless routers are typically more expensive than wired ones because they have the additional WiFi functionality to connect your devices. However, SimRush offers both wired and wireless failover routers so you can choose what's best for you.

What's the best failover router for me?

The best failover router for you will depend on a few factors such as:

  • The size of your business
  • The number of devices you need to connect
  • The number of users you have
  • The type of connection you need
  • The cost
  • What download speed and upload speeds you are looking for

The best failover router for you will also depend on the cellular network in your area. SimRush routers are compatible with all major UK cellular networks so can be used with any 4G LTE unlimited SIM cards.

How do I know if my failover router is working?

There are a few ways to test if your failover broadband service is working. The first is to simply try and connect to the internet using your device. If you're able to get online, then your router is working.

The second way to test is to use a speed test website online or an app. This will give you an indication of the download and upload speeds you're getting from your broadband service.

The third way to test is to disconnect your primary broadband service and see if your backup router kicks in. This test will give you a good idea of how long it takes for connect over to the 4G LTE connection and get you back online.

How often should I test my failover router?

We recommend testing your failover router at least once a week to ensure that it's working properly. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your backup router is reliable and working as it should in the event that your main broadband service goes down.

It's also a good idea to test your failover router after any major updates or changes to your network. This includes adding new devices, changing WiFi passwords, or anything else that might affect the way your router connects to the internet.

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