VOXI - Everything you need to know about one of the UK's newest networks

VOXI - Everything you need to know about one of the UK's newest networks

VOXI is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the United Kingdom, launched in 2017. The unique selling point of VOXI is that it caters specifically to young people aged 29 and under, offering them flexible plans with no contract and unlimited access to social media platforms without using up their data allowance.

What is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)?

An MVNO, is a mobile service provider that does not own its own physical infrastructure. Instead, they lease network capacity from existing providers and offer their own services and plans to customers. This allows them to enter the market without the costly investment of building and maintaining their own network.

What Network does VOXI use?

VOXI is a subsidiary of Vodafone, so it uses the same network infrastructure as its parent company. This means that VOXI customers can expect the same level of coverage and quality as they could on Vodafone's network. However, VOXI does have its own dedicated customer service team and can offer unique features not available on regular Vodafone plans. The average download speeds on VOXI / Vodafone are dependent on your local coverage in your location, however the network's UK average is 21.4Mbps

Does VOXI have 5G coverage?

As it uses Vodafone's infrastructure, VOXI customers can access 5G in areas where the Vodafone network has implemented 5G coverage/mobile signal. 5G coverage is at its strongest in urban areas, so it is recommended you use VOXI's coverage checker on their website.

Do VOXI only sell SIM only deals or can I buy phones too?

Previously, VOXI only offered SIM-only deals and did not sell or finance phones. VOXI does not offer traditional phone contracts, instead preferring to offer only SIM only deals, although they do offer contracts if you wish to buy a mobile phone too. You can buy the new IPhone 15 Pro from as little as £36.11/month, and you can also use PayPal to finance your phone contract, which many other providers do not allow. However you do need to add one of VOXI's SIM plan to your order at an extra cost on top of the base handset contract.

What are VOXI's plans, do they have unlimited data plans and are they good value for money?

VOXI offers numerous plans, most of which include unlimited data for social media apps as well as unlimited calls and texts. All listed plans are correct at the time of writing, but VOXI's deals for new customers can change month to month:

  • 15GB plan for £10/month
  • 20GB plan for £12/month
  • 30GB plan for £15/month
  • 100GB plan for £20/month
  • Unlimited plan for £35/month

In addition to these plans, VOXI also offers add-ons such as roaming packages and international calling options.

One of VOXI's best features is their "Unlimited Social" free addons to some of their plans. This means that when using some social media and video streaming sites, such as Prime Video or voice and video calls apps like WhatsApp, they will not eat into your overall data allowance. You can therefore enjoy endless social media on the go without worrying about how much data you have.

Unfortunately these are only available on certain plans and some streaming services like BBC IPlayer are not included. Unlimited Social also has unlimited minutes through WiFi calling, and allows sending and receiving voice messages for free, allowing you to save more data. However this feature is offered by other networks in the UK, so it is still work checking other UK networks like EE to see if you could get a better deal on a SIM card while retaining useful features like unlimited video calls / WiFi calling.

Does my data allowance rollover on VOXI?

VOXI do not offer any data rollover on their service. This means that if you still have unused data at the end of the month, it will reset back and you will not have any extra data allowance.

However, VOXI periodically has a double data scheme. Double data means that VOXI will offer you a month of double your data allowance for the same price as your regular plan. However, this is actually rarely offered by VOXI to existing customers and is more often aimed at attracting new customers.

Does VOXI have speed caps?

No, VOXI does not have speed caps on their data plans. This means that customers can enjoy the full potential of their network speeds without any restrictions.

Is it easy for existing Vodafone customers to switch to VOXI?

Yes, as VOXI is a subsidiary of Vodafone, it is very easy for existing Vodafone customers to switch to VOXI. You can keep your same number and contacts, SIM card and even plan all while making the seamless switch over to VOXI's network. This allows customers who are already on a Vodafone contract to take advantage of VOXI's more flexible plans. You will still have to transfer this number over to a new SIM card though, it will not allow you to use your old SIM card.

How does VOXI compare to other providers?

VOXI's unique selling point of catering specifically to young people aged 29 and under sets it apart from other mobile providers in the UK. Its emphasis on social media and flexible plans without contracts makes it a popular choice among younger demographics. However, depending on individual needs and usage, other providers may offer better deals or coverage. It is always recommended to research and compare different providers before making a decision.

Some popular alternative mobile networks to VOXI include:

  • Giffgaff: A mobile virtual network operator that uses the O2 network. It offers competitive plans and has a strong community aspect with its user-run forums for support.
  • Three: A major network provider in the UK, Three offers unlimited data plans at affordable prices. It also offers extras such as free international roaming and data rollover.
  • EE: The largest mobile network provider in the UK, offering wide coverage and fast speeds. It also has a range of plans to suit different needs, including family plans and entertainment packages. It is worth considering that EE does not offer unlimited data plans, meaning VOXI may be a better option for heavy data users.
  • O2: Another major network provider in the UK, O2 offers competitive plans and has a strong focus on customer service. It also offers perks such as O2 Priority for discounted tickets and vouchers.
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